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Singer Unleashes a Porsche 935-Inspired, 700-HP DLS Model

Singer Turbocharged Dynamics and Lightweighting Study 911s 0 Hero
Photos: Singer Vehicle Design

Within just a few years of its inception, Singer Vehicle Design had already garnered a reputation as one of, if not the world’s single leading Porsche tuner. Since its launch, however, there’s been no shortage of other automotive tuning outfits popping up and emulating Singer’s spare-no-expense, carbon widebody restomods. In an effort to remain at the forefront of its industry, Singer has consistently strived to push the envelop in its space. In addition to partnering with Williams Advanced Engineering, Singer has spent more than a collective decade developing its Dynamics & Lightweighting Study along with its more recent Turbo study. And for its latest endeavor, the Southern California shop has combined these two programs in order to deliver its turbocharged DLS 911s. 

Singer Turbocharged Dynamics and Lightweighting Study 911s 1
Photo: Singer Vehicle Design

This new restomod takes obvious and ample inspiration from Porsche’s mid ‘70s era 935 racer, with a massive aero kit that includes huge 959-style rear fender scoops, an enormous front splitter, and an equally enormous rear wing. Sitting behind the driver is a specially-developed 3.8-liter, 24-valve straight-six engine that’s been fitted with twin turbochargers, electric wastegates, air-to-water intercooling, and a horizontally mounted, electrically-powered fan. Fed through intake ducts set in the car’s rear quarter windows, this forced-induction six-banger ultimately cranks out 700hp at 9,000rpm — making it the most powerful 911 Singer has made to date. Riding on vintage LM-style wheels, the car also features dual exhaust outlets exiting flush in the bodywork just behind the rear wheels. What’s more, both cars also benefit from Singer’s signature cabin conversion, which sees the interior of the street and track variants bestowed with the full bespoke carbon-clad treatment. 

Singer Turbocharged Dynamics and Lightweighting Study 911s 2
Photo: Singer Vehicle Design

Rather than producing a lone demo example, Singer opted to produce the versions of the forced-induction DLS 911. Wearing a Moet Blanc livery, the first of the specimens was built for on-road driving — albeit of the spirited variety — and boasts an aero-optimized rear ducktail spoiler and road-oriented front fascia that delivers lower drag characteristics. With Singer’s latest ride being so heavily inspired by the 935 racer, the company unsurprisingly opted to also churn out a track-focused example that features a Blood Orange paint job, a high-downforce rear wing with an adjustable upper element, and a track-oriented front fascia with a noticeably larger splitter than its road-going counterpart. As per usual, this restomod conversion will be offered by Singer for the 964-gen 911 that Porsche produced from 1989 through 1994.

Singer Turbocharged Dynamics and Lightweighting Study 911s 3
Photo: Singer Vehicle Design

The Singer Turbocharged DLS 911 is available for order now, with pricing available upon request.