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Segway’s SuperScooter GT2 Has a Blazing 43.5-MPH Top Speed

Segway, a brand that made a name for itself by becoming synonymous with ideas of futuristic transportation, is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on just two wheels yet again. Formerly spearheading Indiegogo projects that have included go karts, e-scooters, and roller blades, the New Hampshire-based company has recently introduced its SuperScooter GT Series.

During its eleventh such campaign, the personal transporter brand debuted a pair of high-performance scooters: the GT1 and its premium model, the GT2, which both offer widened footboards and front- and rear-end suspensions. Where the rear-wheel-drive GT1 already hits an impressive top speed of 37.3mph, the dual-wheel drive GT2 can get up to 43.5mph, and goes from 0 to 30mph in under 4 seconds. The GT1 uses a 3000W peak-power motor for a range of up to 43.5 miles, while the GT2 has dual 3000W peak-power motors to get you up to 55.9 miles before recharge.

The 11-inch tires come equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for proper stopping. The frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which allows an upgraded payload of 330lbs. From Walk to Race, the GT Series offers six different modes of transportation, with your speed displayed on a digital dashboard, which, on the GT2, is completely transparent with a PM OLED screen.

With amazing stability and control, the SuperScooter GT takes high-speed motorized scooters up a few notches. And with two different options, Segway has ensured that its new vehicles are far and away a better value than its competitors when you take into account what you get on a performance level. Backers of the Indiegogo campaign can currently get discounts on both scooters — which will end up retailing for $2,999 and $3,999, respectively — with the GT1 now available for $2,499 and the GT2 going for $3,499. The campaign lasts until April 29th.

Purchase: $2,499+

Photo: Segway