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RYFT’s Ferrari SF90 ‘Competition Edition’ Gets an Advanced Carbon Fiber Aero Kit

Photos: RYFT

Exotic automakers like Ferrari spend tens of thousands of hours meticulously developing each one of its new models, scrutinizing every minute detail of its supercars. As a result, improving on these highly-calculated, performance-optimized machines is no easy feat, yet tuner and exotic aftermarket parts purveyor RYFT has just done exactly that with its all-new upgraded take on the Prancing Horse’s 986-hp SF90.

Photo: RYFT

Known as the SF90 Competition Edition, RYFT’s Ferrari kit hugely benefits from the use of proprietary NeoCFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology, which was applied to a scale polycarbonate SF90 model to develop the supercar’s upgraded bodywork and aero kit. These NeoCFD studies would ultimately give way to over 20 carbon fiber parts including a new front splitter, a set of front canards, a full replacement rear diffuser, and a set of carbon fiber side blades that were inspired by the mid-to-late aught’s legendary Scuderia 16M. 

Photo: RYFT

The most noteworthy element on the Comp-spec SF90’s active aero kit, however, is undoubtedly its rear wing. Utilizing a two-piece system that seamlessly integrates into the supercar — not unlike the setup used on Ferrari’s 488 GT3 racer — the new rear wing features a carbon fiber construction and is good for generating over 800lbs of downforce at 186mph. Completing this already impressive package is an artisan-made, OEM-compliant, hand-crafted titanium race exhaust system. 

Photo: RYFT

The RYFT Ferrari SF90 Competition Edition is available in kit form for $90,000, or as a complete turnkey vehicle for $601,295 — with the latter price including the cost of the $511,295 Ferrari donor car.