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Renault Unveils a Modern EV Off-Roader Tribute To Its 4L Trophy Rally

Photos: Renault

With a history dating back to the late 1800s, Renault has a massive archive of vintage models and events to draw from when looking for inspiration for new projects — the latest of which sees the French auto firm look to the 4L Trophy — an anual humanitarian rally across the Moroccan desert that’s been held since 1997. Using retro racers from the 4L Trophy as its inspiration, Renault has now pulled the cover off of a rally-grade electric off-roader concept known as the 4EVER Trophy. 

Photo: Renault

Released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally, the 4EVER Trophy sports a neo-retro design that’s modeled after the Renault 4 — albeit with some obvious Dakar-style racer influence. Sporting a contemporary — and thoroughly lifted — take on the Renault 4’s body shell, the concept has modern Matrix LED-equipped interpretations of the 4’s pill-shaped taillights and headlight array, as well as modern takes on the French commuter car’s iconic wide grille and rear, trapezoidal side windows. Like the Rivian R1T, the 4EVER Trophy was designed for maximum off-roading abilities without looking at all out of place on city streets. 

Photo: Renault

The 4EVER Trophy comes cloaked in a coat of gunmetal silver paint juxtaposed via magenta highlights on the concept’s roof straps, suspension springs, and wheel emblems. The car’s carbon fiber roof has been capped off with a custom roof rack — with LED strip light bars on all four sides — that now accommodates a full-sized spare while the vehicle’s rear window has been hit with a set of recovery boards and an overland shovel. Equipped with 7.87” of clearance, the concept’s 19” wheels each boast onboard visible air compressors and sit beneath massively flared fenders that allow for ample suspension travel. In addition to an underlying skid plate, the 4EVER Trophy also features a truncated front overhang that bolsters clearance and approach and departure angles.

Photo: Renault

Unveiled at the Paris Auto Show, the Renault 4EVER Trophy Concept won’t be entering production, however, it nonetheless points to an exciting future for the brand as it attempts to innovate in its space while keeping one foot planted in the past.