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This 604-HP EV Off-Roader Is a Roving Basecamp With a 100-Mile Range

Photos: Potential Motors

In September of last year, Canadian startup Potential Motors first revealed images of its inaugural offering, the Adventure 1 — a fully-electric UTV-meets-adventure van engineered specifically for off-road use. And with four more months having passed, the New Brunswick brand has now revealed the fruits of its 2022 Q4 labors, revealing even more detailed images of the Adventure 1 along with some additional info on performance, amenities, and specs. 

Photo: Potential Motors

Part UTV and part camper, the go-anywhere EV features independent suspension affording 9.84″ of travel fore and aft, a 100-mile range, and a dual-motor setup that sends 604hp and 737ft-lbs of torque to the vehicle’s advanced all-wheel drive system. Alongside a short and nimble 105” wheelbase and a design that maximizes ground clearance while maintaining as low of a center of gravity as possible, the Adventure 1’s go-anywhere capabilities consist of approach, departure, and break-over angles of 40°, 45°, and 29°, respectively. What’s more, Potential Motors’ Off-Road OS automatically monitors terrain and driving conditions in real-time in order to constantly optimize damping and stiffness for maximum performance. Comparable to a UTV or SxS, the Adventure 1 also sports a narrow 64” track, as well. 

Photo: Potential Motors

Capped off with a roof with an integrated sunken rack design and a ladder integrated into the left side of the ADV 1, the exterior of the vehicle sports a boxy yet modern aesthetic with integrated skid plates, a winch, rock sliders, and flared fenders at all four corners that open up space for the suspension and wheel’s 12.9” of travel. Boasting seating for four and sleeping accommodations for two, the interior of the Adventure 1 comes loaded with removable passenger seats, a tablet-style display, a propane backup generator, automotive-grade safety glass, an adjustable and collapsible steering wheel, an integrated full-size bed, and three-way adjustable seats with independently-adjustable headrests. This roving basecamp also comes outfitted with over 2,500 liters of dry storage, 40 liters of integrated water storage, and an integrated modular slide-out kitchen with a two-burner propane stove, sink, prep counter, and fridge. The Adventure 1’s powertrain and electrical architecture are also fortified inside a watertight housing.

Photo: Potential Motors

Slated for a release this Fall, the Potential Motors Electric Adventure 1 is available for preorder now, requiring a deposit of only $1,000. Pricing for the the Adventure 1 starts at $136,000.