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Porsche and TAG Heuer Team Up on a Pair of One-Offs to Honor the Carrera Panamericana Race

2024 Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana Race Cars 0 Hero
Photo: Porsche

Few brands are as closely tied together as Porsche and TAG Heuer. Although coming from disparate industries, the German automaker and Swiss watchmaker have been a match made in heaven since officially joining forces in 2021. Since then, they have released a handful of timepieces, from stylish chronographs to smartwatches. However, for their latest collaborative effort, the pairing has unveiled a pair of automobiles honoring the Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico.

2024 Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana Race Cars 1
Photo: Porsche

Lightweight, aerodynamic, and with plenty of pedigree, the 718 Cayman GT4 RS serves as the base model for the new vehicles, dubbed the Legends of Panamericana editions. Painted in Le Mans Silver Metallic, each variant will sport a different number on its livery — 152 and 154 — which will be painted on the doors and roofs in negative relief with yellow on the outsides. The hoods and spoilers feature TAG Heuer’s logo in dark gray. A red pegasus icon is put on the front left wing and rear left wheel arch on the 152 and 154, respectively, to pay homage to Mobil Oil, Porsche’s racing sponsor in the ‘50s.

2024 Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana Race Cars 2
Photo: Porsche

You may be wondering if the individual Carreras for Porsche and TAG Heuer have any affiliation outside of the recent collaborations. Despite the brands’ longtime partnership, even before it was official, the nomenclature of their respective products (car and watch) was completely independent, though each was named after the legendary race in Mexico. Porsche began using the Carrera name for the 911 in the ‘60s as a nod to its success at Carrera Panamericana in the ‘50s with the 550 Coupe. Meanwhile, Jack Heuer’s usage of Carrera for his brand’s chronograph, also in the ‘60s, came from his sheer fascination with the competition after attending it some years prior.

2024 Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana Race Cars 3
Photo: Porsche

Part of Porsche’s Sonderwunsch program, each of the Porsche x TAG Heuer Legends of Panamericana editions are one-offs and will not be available for sale. Learn more over at Porsche’s website.