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Say Hello To Porsche’s All-Electric Hypercar, The Mission X

Porsche Mission X Electric Hypercar 0 Hero
Photos: Porsche

It may surprise you to learn (if you’re not already a big Porsche fan) that the German marque has been somewhat of a pioneer in the electric vehicle space since the late 1800s. The first electric Porsche was designed in 1898 by the man himself, Ferdinand Porsche. This car was powered by an electric motor and got up to around 16 miles per hour, which was quite impressive at the time. In 1900, Porsche also produced the first road-ready hybrid, Semper Vivus, using a traditional combustion engine to power a generator. About a hundred years later, Porsche released the Cayenne S, another hybrid car that also paved the way for luxury electric vehicles. This electric technology was used in other cars from the manufacturer (like the Porsche Mission R and 918 Spyder) that went on to win awards and break records. And now Porsche is back with a concept for a fully electric hypercar, the Porsche Mission X, that’s gearing up to be the fastest road-legal car on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife section.

Porsche Mission X Electric Hypercar 1
Photo: Porsche

Taking inspiration from the past (particularly the 918 Spyder and the Carrera GT) and looking to the future, this lightweight hypercar was unveiled in a ‘Rocket Metallic’ colorway and has a high-performance electric drive with a 1:1 power/weight ratio. The big glass dome is encased in a carbon exoskeleton and features a Daytona windscreen, making it feel more like a cockpit than a traditional driver’s seat. The inspiration taken from Porsche’s previous high-power cars is also seen in the four-point headlights, the Le-Mans-style doors, and the adaptive wings.

Porsche Mission X Electric Hypercar 2
Photo: Porsche

On the inside, the car has a (thankfully) reasonably sized screen display oriented to the driver that also features an option to view the track you’re on and your performance. Additionally, the seat shells also highlight the driver experience, with the brown driver’s side seat accented with white.

Porsche Mission X Electric Hypercar 3
Photo: Porsche

Since the Porsche Mission X is still just a concept, we don’t currently have any official news regarding the release date and price. But a landing page for the car is up and running on Porsche’s website for you to check out.