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James Qiu Renders an RWB Porsche 964 with a Cyberpunk Visual Theme

Photos: James Qiu

Akira Nakai is unequivocally one of the most prolific Porsche tuners on the planet, famously founding RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (or RWB) — German for “Rough World Concept” — in 1997 in Chiba-Ken, Japan before going on to become one of the most influential forces in the auto-tuning and customs realm. Characterized by their ultra-slammed widebody kits, RWB’s dramatically-altered 911 models have also inspired the latest digital creation from Shanghai-based concept artist, James Qiu.

Appropriately christened the “RWB964,” this rendered work is based on the late ‘80s/early ‘90s Porsche Turbo 964, though it has been completely reworked by Qiu, who has bestowed the 911 with an aggressive visual theme that combines RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF’s signature aesthetic with a futuristic Cyberpunk-inspired appearance. Alongside sporting RWB’s signature bolted-on fender flares, the RWB964 — which was rendered using the Unreal Engine — has also been treated to Lexan race windows, deep-dish race wheels shod in Good Year Eagle racing slicks, speedster-style mirrors, a full internal roll-cage, an LED headlight arrangement supplemented via a pair of front fender-mounted LED spotlights, and carbon fiber construction for the hood, front splitter, rear wing, and side-skirts. Alongside an ultra-unique exposed horizontally-mounted suspension setup, another major highlight of the rendered Porsche is its rear end, which now boasts red LED strip lighting and a Le Mans-style rear bumper delete that puts the 964’s custom twin turbocharger setup — and its necessary exhaust and plumbing work — on full display. The icing on the cake is the project’s livery, a matte black and white scheme complemented by the 964’s liberal amount of exposed carbon weave.

Based on the increasingly stunning quality of his work — whether it be designing or rendering cars or motorcycles — we’re genuinely chomping at the bit to see what James Qiu has in store for his next digital work.

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Photo: James Qiu
Photo: James Qiu
Photo: James Qiu