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Everrati Unveils Its First-Ever Electrified Porsche 964 Widebody Cabriolet Build

Photos: Everrati

Electric powertrains are increasingly surpassing their petrol-powered counterparts, with technological breakthroughs allowing for ever-growing speeds and horsepower and torque figures. However, while EVs may have a leg up on internal combustion engines in terms of performance, very few battery-powered vehicles possess the character and soul of classic cars. And it’s this philosophy that EV conversion startup Everrati was founded on, with the company churning out a myriad of electrified classics including the GT-40, Land Rover Series IIA, and the Porsche 964 — the latter of which the company has now evolved for its latest conversion.

Photo: Everrati

Building on its existing Signature Widebody 911 platform, the latest build to roll out of the EV conversion specialist represents Everrati’s first Porsche 911 964 Widebody Cabriolet. CAD designed and optimized, the project was built in California in partnership with Aria and began with a complete restoration. In place of the 964’s flat-six engine, the EV conversion now packs an electric motor setup mated to a custom Quaife ATB Torque biasing differential that puts down an even 500hp and 363ft-lbs of instantaneous torque — figures that allow for a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds. Affording a range of around 200 miles per charge, the widebody 964 is powered by an AC and DC-compatible 62-kWh battery pack with advanced battery management and temperature control systems.

Photo: Everrati

The interior of the open-top 964 has been modernized and redone, and now features a full navigation system, Apple CarPlay, heated front seats, a new AC and heating system, and bespoke Porsche-inspired five-gauge cluster dials. The exterior of the car is draped in a custom set of carbon fiber widebody-style bodywork and also sports LED headlights, a Carrera-style spoiler, ultra-flared RSR-style rear fenders, and a coat of royal blue paint. 

Photo: Everrati

While Everrati’s Porsche 911 964 Widebody Cabriolet build is already spoken for, the British shop’s Porsche 911-based EV conversions start at £270,000 (~ $306,750) and include a wealth of configurable options.