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Pebble’s Futuristic-Looking Flow Trailer Is Perfect for Working Off the Grid

Pebble Flow RV 0 Hero
Photo: Pebble

If you’ve been getting tired of your home office setup, there’s no better way to break the monotony than to take your work off the grid. Now, more than ever, remote workers have been venturing out via RV or trailer for a change of scenery. The problem is that most trailers are set up for camping or living rather than working. And that’s not to mention, internet connectivity is harder to come by the farther you are from civilization. California-based Pebble has an option that could solve your problems and is tailor-made for tech-driven adventurers. 

Pebble Flow RV 1
Photo: Pebble

The new trailer is called the Pebble Flow, and it’s made to provide you with resources for up to a week off-grid. An auto-leveling feature allows it to reside on uneven terrain and the 270-degree panoramic windows let you experience the glories of the outdoors while you’re doing your most tedious tasks. Stretching 25ft long, the Flow can sleep up to four adults and includes a flip-down desk, a full chef’s kitchen, and beautiful furnishings that look almost futuristic.

Pebble Flow RV 2
Photo: Pebble

Take one look at the Pebble Flow and you could probably guess that it’s made with innovative technologies. Entirely electric, the unit runs on solar power thanks to the 1kW integrated solar panel system that feeds into a 45kWh battery so that the trailer keeps charging when parked. Perhaps its most forward-thinking bit of tech is the self-propulsion feature, which aids the towing vehicle with just enough power that it can move behind you without decreasing your fuel efficiency as much — on top of the reduced drag garnered from its aerodynamic profile. There’s also a “Magic Hitch” that automatically attaches itself to the towing vehicle so you don’t have to stress over it. Likewise, it backs up and parks via remote control.

Pebble Flow RV 3
Photo: Pebble

The Flow trailer is no concept or prototype but will be delivered to the public starting at the end of 2024. Pre-orders are open now with prices starting at $109,000. Head to Pebble’s website to learn more.