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Prodrive Unleashes a Modern Carbon-Bodied Take on Subaru’s 22B Impreza

Photos: Prodrive

Built to satisfy World Rally Championship homologation requirements, the Impreza 22B is considered by many to be the ultimate Subaru. Based on the Prodrive-built two-door Impreza World Rally Championship Car, the 22B came loaded with upgraded components and performance parts straight from the factory. While the 22B was undeniably a cutting-edge rally car upon its debut in the ‘90s, the vehicle has grown fairly long in the tooth over the last quarter of a century. Recognizing the historical significance of the 22B, Prodrive has opted to deliver a modern interpretation of the WRC car with what the company has christened the P25.

Massively benefitting from a slew of modern materials and technologies, Prodrive’s P25 is constructed around a two-door Impreza WRX steel monocoque chassis though the framework has been heavily modified and reinforced before being paired with a contemporary suspension setup with two-way adjustable Bilstein dampers, MacPherson struts, swappable springs and anti-roll bars, and the ability to dial-in toe and camber. Powering the P25 is a Garrett turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder BOXER engine with variable cam timing and a full Akrapovic racing exhaust. Good for 400hp and 442.5ft-lbs of torque, the engine has also been mated to a paddle-shifted six-speed X-shift sequential gearbox with helical gears, an AP Racing twin-plate clutch, and plated limited-slip differentials fore and aft.

The car’s custom frame has been draped in a bespoke set of carbon fiber bodywork that’s been painted in the Impreza 22B’s iconic WR Blue livery. Extremely liberal use of modern-day composites has also enabled the P25 to weigh in at less than 2,650lbs — a figure that allows the modified Impreza to clock 0-60mph runs in under 3.5 seconds. The P25’s cabin also boasts a Motec widescreen driver display with data logging capabilities, a WRC-style fly-off hydraulic handbrake, a fully electronic power management system, and an optional partial safety cage and lightweight race seat. The car also gets six-pot AP racing calipers, a WRC-style launch control system, and 19” wheels shod in Bridgestone rubber.

Slated to make its official public debut later this week at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Prodrive’s P25 Subaru Impreza WRC will be limited to only 25 units worldwide. Pricing for the P25 will start at £460,000 (~$563,000).

Purchase: $563,000

Photo: Prodrive
Photo: Prodrive