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The Meyers Manx Resorter Is a Versatile Neighborhood EV Buggy

Meyers Max Resorter NEV 0 Hero
Photos: Meyers Manx

Now that the electric vehicle gates have been opened, nearly everything from cars to semi-trailers has been getting updated for the modern age. Likely, you’ve also seen those electric scooters and bikes strewn about town (and maybe even rode a few), proving that this electric treatment is only expanding. Meyers Manx, a company inspired by the original dune buggy made by Bruce Meyers, announced the Manx 2.0 EV just last year, promising an electric buggy and the first new Meyers Manx vehicle in sixty years. While it won’t be coming out until next year, Meyers Manx has just announced a new electric buggy, the Resorter NEV, hot off the heels of the Manx 2.0. This buggy is designed for urban adventures and comes equipped with four seats and enough space for the whole family. 

Meyers Max Resorter NEV 1
Photo: Meyers Manx

Inside, we have pouch cell lithium-ion batteries and a twin-motor electric drivetrain with a (limited) top speed of 25 mph so that the buggy can meet NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) standards. Although this was built with luxury and relaxation in mind, the four-wheel independent wishbone suspension and quick acceleration make for a buggy that’s more than capable of climbing hills and having fun (even if the fun is capped at 25 mph).

Meyers Max Resorter NEV 2
Photo: Meyers Manx

Outside, the distinct golf cart meets buggy body covers the aluminum monocoque chassis, and comes together in a truly unique NEV with more versatility than the average fare. Additionally, the buggy comes with a trailer hitch for you to get creative with your hauling

Meyers Max Resorter NEV 3
Photo: Meyers Manx

You can put down a $500 deposit right now to secure a spot in the queue for the Meyers Manx Resorter NEV on the company’s website, and the vehicle will be retailing for $49,000 when it drops (no official release date has been announced at the time of writing).