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Maturo Is Building Just 10 Of Its Lancia Delta Integrale ‘Stradale’ Restomods

Photos: Maturo Cars

The Lancia Delta Integrale is undeniably one of the most iconic Italian cars of all time, with a distinctive, boxy yet aggressive appearance and a history tied to a noteworthy era of competition. However, with less than 200hp on tap and a roughly 3,000-pound curb weight bogging it down, the Delta’s performance abilities are objectively pretty dated. Wanting to bestow the Group A icon with more speed and better handling, tuner and race outfit Maturo Cars has set out to produce a limited run of ultra-capable Lancia Delta Integrale restomods.

Each build starts with the donor being torn down to the chassis. From there, the frame is strengthened and paired with a roll cage to eliminate more than 250 weak points of the original framework. Co-developed by Intrax, the restomodded Delta’s suspension package is comprised of a four-way adjustable setup that allows users to dial in its rebound, travel, and high and low-speed damping — a package derived straight from Maturo’s rally cars. Also carried over directly from Maturo’s Rally FIA HTP homologated spec racer, the modernized Lancia’s brakes now consist of a modern pedal box-operated braking setup with a hydraulic AP Racing hand brake The use of carbon fiber for the build’s bodywork alone allows Maturo to shave 110lbs of weight off of the donor car.

Good for 360hp and 368.7ft-lbs of torque, the engine at the heart of the Lancia hugely benefits from a revised intake, a carbon airbox, a larger intercooler, a rebuilt original Garrett turbocharger, modern fuel injection, a redesigned motorsport-spec ECU, an all-new wiring harness, and a host of lightened internals. Backed by completely rebuilt and upgraded differentials and drive shafts, the Group A-spec engine is mated to a strengthened five-speed manual gearbox — which can be upgraded to an optional dog-leg gearbox with straight-toothed gears. The cabin of the car features carbon bucket seats with available rally harnesses, a removable rear seat, a custom-designed dash with bespoke instrumentation, a modified Abarth rally steering wheel, a titanium shifter assembly, and the buyer’s choice of carbon, anodized aluminum, leather, or Alcantara trim.

While pricing has yet to be revealed, Maturo Cars has stated that its Lancia Delta Integrale ‘Stradale’ Restomod will be limited to only 10 units worldwide. Alongside the Stradale (Road) version, Maturo will also be producing a limited number of Rally and Classic-spec Delta restomods.

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Photo: Maturo Cars
Photo: Maturo Cars
Photo: Maturo Cars