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Maserati Taps David Beckham To Curate Its Bespoke Vehicle Program Collection

Maserati x David Beckham Fuoriserie Essentials Collection 0 Hero
Photos: Maserati

Compared to other more mainstream automotive manufacturers, Maserati has always catered to a smaller, more affluent, and more niche demographic, however its now doubling down on this MO with the debut of its ultra-luxe Fuoriserie Essentials Collection — a spare-no-expense lineup of limited run bespoke vehicles curated by various friends and brand ambassadors of the Italian marque

Maserati x David Beckham Fuoriserie Essentials Collection 1
Photo: Maserati

After signing on to be a brand ambassador of the Trident in 2021, David Beckham has now been selected as the individual to help develop the inaugural Fuoriserie Essentials collection. Italian for “Custom-Built,” the Fuoriserie collection takes inspiration from the Man U and Real Madrid star’s passion for bespoke-made Savile Row suits. The Fuoriserie DB Essentials also draws inspiration from Beckham’s love for vintage Msserati sports cars. 

Maserati x David Beckham Fuoriserie Essentials Collection 2
Photo: Maserati

And it’s this proclivity for the Trident’s cars from yesteryear that lead to Beckham’s two paint color selections for the Fuoriserie DB Essentials Collection. This pair of hues consists of a Night Interaction’ blue paired with a tan leather interior and a dark green  ‘Verde Royale’ livery complemented via brown leather upholstery — the former of which is based on the 1967 Maerati Ghibli coupé while the later is derived from the shade seen on the ultra-rare 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale (of which only 51 units were ever produced). Each Fuoriserie Collection Maserati can also be optioned with a myriad of different items from the brand’s Fuoriserie Corse collection which takes inspiration from the Modena marque’s illustrious racing heritage and history.

Maserati x David Beckham Fuoriserie Essentials Collection 3
Photo: Maserati

Both of th Maserati Fuoriserie DB Essentials Collection configurations are available for order now upon special request, and can be applied to the Trident marque’s MC20 supercar or Grecale SUV