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Maserati’s Spyder Version of the MC20 Has a Smart Glass Drop-Top

In 2001, after an 11-year absence, Maserati made its return to the U.S. market with the launch of the Maserati Spyder. It wasn’t the Italian automaker’s first spyder model; both Ghibli and Biturbo had convertible variants, but it reinvigorated enthusiasm for what Maserati could do with the two-seater. Following a rebranding of sorts a few years back with the 2020 launch of the MC20 supercar, Maserati has now unveiled a new spyder version of its halo car called the MC20 Cielo.

Again perpetuating its unique blend of style and sportiness, Maserati has created for the Cielo a fully retractable — and thermal insulated — glass roof that can be electronically opened or closed in just 12 seconds, safely operated from a control panel inside the car when traveling upwards of 30mph. If that weren’t enough, the electrochromic glass can also change from clear to opaque instantly with the press of a button thanks to Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal technology.

While the fancy roof is certainly the main highlight here, other features of the Cielo include superior acoustics when driving and innovative 360-degree aerodynamics that have been tested in a wind tunnel. The Cielo will be released in an array of colors, but the PrimaSerie Launch Edition, limited to 60 examples, will sport an exclusive Acquamarina exterior, which is a three-layer paint that incorporates pastel gray and an iridescent aquamarine mica. The PrimaSerie version will also come with gold-finished rims and an interior made of ice-colored Alcantara and leather. The Cielo also boasts the coupe’s same 3.0L Nettuno 90º twin-turbo V6 engine with an output of 621hp.

Many of the new features debuting on the Cielo, it’s worth noting, will be equipped in the 2023 coupe version of the MC20 as well. No price or release date has been set as of yet for the MC20 Cielo, but you can learn more about the roadster on Maserati’s website.

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Photo: Maserati
Photo: Maserati
Photo: Maserati