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Kwork’s Stylish Mio Space Trailer Acts as a Versatile Extra Room

Kwork x Lixil Mio Space Trailer 0 Hero
Photos: Lixil

Japan has an undisputable reputation as one of the best car manufacturers in the industry, and the country’s RVs are nothing to scoff at, either. Kworks is one of the premier domestic Japanese RV manufacturers, so it only makes sense to tap the best when a collaboration is in the works. That’s why Kworks and the housing equipment manufacturer Lixil teamed up to make the Mio Space trailer, a modern trailer designed to suit your needs, whether that be camping or an extra room.

Kwork x Lixil Mio Space Trailer 1
Photo: Lixil

The name “Mio Space” is inspired by the philosophy behind this build: an adaptable trailer built to be used 365 days a year, giving you the ability to take your favorite space with you anywhere (even if that’s just at home). Below, you can see the trailer being used as a deck extension, and it’s the overall design (especially the wooden floors/panels) that allows it to blend in so seamlessly in a setting where a traditional trailer would look somewhat out of place. There aren’t any size specifications just yet, but the pair has stated that the trailer was made with Japan’s road and residential site conditions in mind (meaning that it’ll likely be lightweight).

Kwork x Lixil Mio Space Trailer 2
Photo: Lixil

The minimalist, wood-paneled exterior makes for a modern look, but the inside is where Lixil’s home design skills shine. The walls are lined with these wooden slats from top to bottom and give the whole thing a retrofuturism feel that’s still welcoming. The duo has also opted for a “variable” interior, meaning you’ll have to furnish it yourself, but the positioning of the slats allows for storage, and there’s a kitchen area built into the front.

The Kwork x Lixil Mio Space trailer will be available for pre-order starting next year during the summer, but there’s no official price at the time of writing, and you’ll only be able to get one in Japan.