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E.C.D. Is Restomodding Jaguar XKEs with Corvette & Tesla Powertrains

Photos: E.C.D. Automotive Design

Founded in 2013, E.C.D. Automotive Design — formerly known as “East Coast Defenders” — is a Florida-based customs shop specializing in producing modernized restomods based on iconic classic cars. And while thus far the Kissimmee customs outfit has primarily worked with vintage Land Rover Defenders, the company is now turning over a new leaf with the debut of its all-new Jaguar E-Type restomod.

Breathing new life into what Enzo Ferrari called “ the most beautiful car in the world,” the E.C.D. XKE is offered in coupé or roadster versions, each of which boasts a slew of configurable options including 11 historic paint color choices and 10 modern livery options, numerous European weave carpet selections, and fine-grade Jaguar Nappa Leather that’s available in two-tone hand-tipped leather, a leather weave, or distressed leather — all of which are available in a variety of hues.

Under the hood, E.C.D. is offering its reimagined E-Type with a classic straight-six or V-12 Jaguar engine, or the choice of an upgraded powertrain in the form of a 450-hp GM performance LT1 Corvette engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission, or a 450-hp Tesla EV powertrain that features a 200-mile range and an eight-hour recharge time. To help keep the ECD-Type’s newfound power in check, the shop has also bestowed the Jaguar with modern high-performance braking and suspension setups, as well as a sports exhaust system.

Available for order now, E.C.D. Automotive Design’s Jaguar E-Type Restomod starts at $299,995. Each specimen is also being produced on a custom, built-to-order basis, and, because each example is custom-configured, no two E.C.D. E-Types will be exactly alike.

Purchase: $299,995+

Photo: E.C.D. Automotive Design
Photo: E.C.D. Automotive Design
Photo: E.C.D. Automotive Design