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ICC Offroad’s FlexCamp Is an Expanding Camper With Room for Four

State-of-the-art campers manage to hit the market every so often, and when this occurs, they tend to cause a whirlwind of headlines among their respective circles. With many respective manufacturers in this space, the Germany-based ICC Offroad has turned heads time and time again. Now, they look to do so once more with their FlexCamp concept that is capable of housing up to a quartet of adventurers.

Built to endure every season and terrain imaginable, the FlexCamp RV’s initial intent is to serve as the ideal off-road trailer. Taking from their former camper’s bidirectional expansion system, the FlexCamp grows from 79-to-120” in height and 80-to-131” in width, all the while maintaining its sleek length of 175”. This expansion ultimately assists in the bolstering of its decked-out interior, offering 75L fresh and waste water tanks, a double bed, a pull-out dry toilet, an integrated floor drain, as well as an indoor kitchen equipped with a dual-burner stove, sink, and 50-L fridge. While it sure looks capable of providing a great experience from that perspective, ICC’s sketches go to show it should also be able to seamlessly mount on the rear end of a truck’s chassis, or even slide directly into a pick-up truck’s bed. Finished off with 360-degree exterior lighting, the latest RV from ICC will be hard to miss.

With additional options like interior lighting and air conditioning, the FlexCamp looks to be tailored entirely to the likes of you and yours. While there’s no word as to when we can expect it to hit the market, the Borgstedt-bred company will be developing its final model through 2022.

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Photo: ICC Offroad
Photo: ICC Offroad