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Honda Makes an Electric Follow-Up to the Foldable Motocompo Scooter from the ’80s

Honda Motocompacto 0 Hero
Photo: Honda

Everything old is new again. Prior to gadgets and gizmos that actually benefited our life in any meaningful way (i.e., the cell phone or the internet), the 20th century was full of strange inventions and contraptions that promised convenience in a fun and interesting way. Forward-thinking innovations such as the amphibious Amphicar, the Nintendo Power Glove, and the miniature CD have been deemed cultural curiosities, owing to a combination of bad timing and lack of actual necessity as their pitfall. Honda’s Motocompo was one of these contraptions, a scooter in a suitcase that offered a compact and lightweight way to get around. Today, the Japanese brand announced a follow-up to the ‘80s oddity.

Honda Motocompacto 1
Photo: Honda

More of a nostalgic novelty than a pragmatic solution, the new Motocompacto hits with a heavy dose of retro and fun while still offering some convenience in the process. Although the original Motocompo, which was only produced from 1981 to ‘83, ran on a 49cc two-stroke engine, this new Motocompacto scooter sports a 6.8Ah electric motor with 490W of peak output, 11.8 lb.ft of torque, and a head-turning top speed of 15mph. If that doesn’t sell you on it, we should mention that you’ll also get a range of about 12 miles on a 3.5-hour charge.

Honda Motocompacto 2
Photo: Honda

Folding down to about 29” x 21” x 4”, the electric Motocompacto is admittedly an exciting release with a promise of zero emissions to boot. And it seems like Honda is aiming to market the scooter as a “first and last mile” option for urban commuting and short jaunts. However, at over 41lbs, it may be a moot point for many travelers who don’t feel like lugging this thing around; it’s not like a bike that you can chain to a pole outside the office.

Honda Motocompacto 3
Photo: Honda

Nonetheless, it would be a crime to knock something as fun as an electric Motocompo reissue/follow-up. Once pre-orders open up on Honda’s website in November, you can get yourself one of these Motocompacto e-scooters for $995.