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ARTA Cloaks the Acura NSX in a Custom Carbon Fiber Bodywork Kit

Photos: ARTA Mechanics

While modern supercars undeniably offer the absolute pinnacle of automotive performance, there’s a small but growing number of elite tuning shops that take these already exotic machines to the next level via the addition of engine upgrades, up-specced running gear, and custom aero kits. One such outfit is Japanese shop and race team, Autobacs Racing Team Aguri (ARTA), which has just pulled the cover off of an all-new GT-inspired bodywork kit for the Honda/Acura NSX christened the “LEGAVELO.”

Freshly unveiled at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon show, ARTA’s kit for the NSX sees the revived supercar’s standard bodywork replaced with bespoke carbon fiber items that tweak the donor’s already sleek design with vented, angular flared fenders, a revised hood, and a custom rear wing. The new bodywork also includes a redesigned rear-end that sports a centrally-exiting quad-exhaust setup — one similar to the pipes poking out from the back of the $2.4M Pagani Huayra.

Crafted largely by hand, the kit also includes a bespoke set of forged aluminum wheels that are being offered exclusively to buyers of the LEGAVELOs. What’s more, the kit also includes major revisions to the interior, seeing the stock upholstery jettisoned in favor of an Alcantara-lined cabin with carbon fiber liberally used for the trim. Interestingly, the new exhaust doesn’t appear to be paired with a matching ECU, and as such the NSX’s power remains at its stock output of 573bhp and 476lbft-lbs of torque.

ARTA’s ‘LEGAVELO’ body kit for the NSX will be limited to only five units worldwide. Pricing for the kit has been set at 25.3M Japanese Yen (~$222,550).

Purchase: $222,550

Photo: ARTA Mechanics
Photo: ARTA Mechanics
Photo: ARTA Mechanics