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Hennessey’s Deep Space EV Concept Is a 2,400-HP Rocket on 6 Wheels

Photo: Hennessey Special Vehicles

We’re very outspoken about our love of aftermarket tuners. The builds they come up with are forged in a crucible of limitless thinking, unbridled creativity, and a ravenous pursuit of innovation. Simply put, they make great cars even greater. One particular standout in the space is Hennessey, a Texas-based tuner that put the world on notice when they made their jaw-droppingly awesome Venom 5. Fresh off the heels of their first hypercar’s success, Hennessey Special Vehicles is planning to make their most ambitious hypercar yet, the mysteriously code-named Project Deep Space.

At first glance, the sketches for Project Deep Space look like concept art you’d see for a summer sci-fi blockbuster. It features a futuristic, streamlined silhouette with dramatic gullwing doors, and a head-turning six-wheel-drive setup, making it the world’s first six-wheel-drive Hyper-GT. Of course, with Project Deep Space being a Hennessey car, its performance specs have to be as bonkers as its awesome design, and boy are they. Along with the six-wheel-drive, Project Deep Space will sport an eye-popping six electric propulsion motors, resulting in a 50% increase in surface contact that will surely yield prodigious performance capabilities. Better yet, Project Deep Space is projected to boast a snarling 2,400hp, which very well may lead it to become the world’s quickest accelerating four-seater from zero to 200mph. To achieve this feat of engineering, Hennessey is constructing Project Deep Space with an ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber chassis and body panels. For its interior, Project Deep Space will feature a diamond-shaped cabin with four seats, to give the passengers an experience akin to flying a private jet.

At $3,000,000, Project Deep Space would be the world’s most expensive EV, which makes sense given the groundbreaking amount of technology and research needed to pull off a feat of this magnitude. Project Deep Space will be limited to 105 units, and Hennessey is aiming to begin production in 2026.

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Photo: Hennessey Special Vehicles