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Formawerx’s Latest Car Key Is Made Solely for the McLaren F1

In 1998, a modified McLaren F1 prototype broke the Guinness World Record for fastest production car with a top speed of 240.1mph. This was the final year the British sports car was produced, with only 106 examples made during its run. However, in the 30 years since it first came off the assembly line, the F1 has widely come to be considered by experts as the greatest sports car of all time.

Enter Los Angeles-born accessories company Formawerx, which has earned a reputation these past few years for crafting aftermarket keys aimed at collectors and enthusiasts who want something that feels just as high-end as the exotic automobiles they own. With the brand’s latest product set to accompany the legendary McLaren F1, Formawerx furthers its line of luxurious bespoke car keys.

Meticulously designed to complement the car’s very own specs, the key features a central shank to go along with the unique seating orientation of the F1. The key’s vapor gold coat represents the real gold of the F1 engine’s bay lining, and the 5-axis machined titanium structure is a nod to the car’s early components. The transparent casing comes in either quartz or sapphire options, and when you get even more granular, the key, when turned onto its side, resembles the F1’s intake blade.

Originally just making keys for the Porsche 911 and the Land Rover Defender, Formawerx has been continually expanding its offerings to cater to more and more impressive vehicles, with this being its most exotic offering yet. The McLaren F1 key has just entered the final design phase, and while no price has been named yet, previous members of Formawerx’s bespoke line have sold for $12,500 on the company’s online store.

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Photo: Formawerx
Photo: Formawerx