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This Meticulously-Modified Ferrari Testarossa Boasts Hypercar-Level Performance

Ferrari Testarossa TR Alte Prestazioni By Officine Fioravanti 0 Hero
Photos: Pietro Martelletti

Though the term has existed for years, it wasn’t until more recent times that the word “restomod” began being widely used. And as the automotive industry has become increasingly inundated with modern restomod projects, Switerzerland-based outfit Officine Fioravanti is now attempting to separate itself from the pack with a meticulously engineered, developed, and executed restomod-style conversion that the Swiss shop is calling a “Hyperclassic.”

Ferrari Testarossa TR Alte Prestazioni By Officine Fioravanti 1
Photo: Pietro Martelletti

Christened the “TR Alte Prestazioni” – with “Alte Prestazioni” being Italian for “High-Performance” — this one-of-one project is based on a Ferrari Testarossa. As a so-called Hyperclassic, the aim of the build isn’t merely to churn out a vintage ride with modernized componentry and a few visual tweaks, but instead to fundamentally alter the donor’s DNA from the ground up, completely reengineering the vehicle and massively reworking it mechanics, electronics, and aesthetics in order to achieve true hypercar-level performance — hence the Hyperclassic monicker. As such, Officine Fioravanti’s TR Alte Prestazioni starts with an optimized CX chassis that’s been paired with billet suspension components backed by Öhlins electronically-controlled shock absorbers that were developed by Officine Fioravanti.

Ferrari Testarossa TR Alte Prestazioni By Officine Fioravanti 2
Photo: Pietro Martelletti

Powering the Hyperclassic is a thoroughly massaged and heavily-modified flat-12 engine with a revised dedicated ECU, a dry sump system, a bespoke exhaust and muffler arrangement, a one-off aero kit, and a dynamic intake with a dozen individual bodies. Good for around 600hp and a 200-mph top speed, the twelve-banger has been mated to an overhauled original gearbox with a retuned differential and ratios that benefit from new spacing. On top of an adjustable traction control system with a dozen settings and a drive mode selector, the Hyperclassic also features an electro-hydraulic steering box, a GT3-spec Brembo braking system with 12-setting adjustable ABS, and an all-new electrical system with a power distribution module that was also designed in-house by Officine Fioravanti. Measuring 18” in front and 19” in the rear, the car rides on a set of custom retro-inspired five-arm wheels that were designed in-house by Officine Fioravanti. The interior of the car has not only been completely reworked, receiving new custom-made Italian upholstery, new seats, modified pedals, an ‘80s era carphone, and an OF radio with Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connectivity, but the cabin’s driving position and ergonomics have also been altered in order to be more concussive to hypercar-level performance. 

Ferrari Testarossa TR Alte Prestazioni By Officine Fioravanti 3
Photo: Pietro Martelletti

While the Officine Fioravanti TR Alte Prestazioni Ferrari Testrossa only exists as a one-off project, we have a sneaking suspicion that this will NOT be the last Hyperclassic to come across our desk.