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The Ferrari SP-8 Is a Two-Tone Carbon-Bodied One-Of-One Roadster

Ferrari SP 8 One Off 0 Hero
Photos: Ferrari

In Ferrari’s infancy, the company ran a largely custom operation in which clients would work with the factory to select a powertrain and chassis before choosing a coach builder to pen the vehicle’s exterior design. As the Italian firm grew along with the demand for its vehicles, it slowly pivoted to a more-common production business model. In 2008, however, the Prancing Horse would revive the spirit of its original operation by launching its one-off Portfolio Coachbuilding Program — now known as the Special Projects Program. Since that time, the Maranello marque has meticulously crafted a host of stunning one-of-one works based on its contemporary supercar platforms — the latest of which to break cover is the one-off program’s all-new Ferrari SP-8. 

Ferrari SP 8 One Off 1
Photo: Ferrari

Based on the architecture of Ferrari’s existing F8 Spider, the SP-8 is a one-of-one mid-rear-engined roadster that can’t be called a convertible or droptop, as it doesn’t convert and has no top to drop, and is instead simply devoid of a roof. The one-off’s name is owed to its engine, which is a turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 — the same unit used in the F8 Spider. Ferrari hasn’t cited any power or performance figures, though we imagine it’s on par with if not better than the F8 Spider’s output of 710hp and 568ft-bs of torque, 2.9-second 0-60 time, and 211-mph top speed. Penned by a team at the Ferrari Styling Center that was headed up by automotive design legend and Ferrari’s Senior Vice President of Design Flavio Manzoni — who is also responsible for the LaFerrari, the F12berlinetta, and most recently the Purosangue — the exterior of the car sports a reconfigured set of custom bodywork that benefits from an exhaustive amalgamation of CFD simulations, wind tunnel, and track testing in order to ensure a very slippery drag-coefficient.  

Ferrari SP 8 One Off 2
Photo: Ferrari

Crafted entirely from carbon fiber, the car’s bodywork leaves its construction’s weave on display under a glossy iridescent Blue Sandstone finish across the entire front half of the vehicle, while the aft-end of the SP-8 fades into a custom matte Argento Micalizzato livery that was created specifically for this one-off endeavor. The front end of the car has also been bestowed with a full-width, cast aluminum grille that was made from a single, 3D-printed mould. Sporting a unique two-tone appearance, the bespoke bodywork has also received redesigned headlights with special masks and lenses, and new rear lights that are derived from the units found on the Ferrari Roma. The entire vehicle rides on a custom set of directional five-spoke wheels that were inspired by both the classic rims used on Ferrari Sports Prototypes as well as the five-arm Speedline split-rim wheels used on Ferrari’s legendary F40 — another element custom-created exclusively for the SP-8. 

Ferrari SP 8 One Off 3
Photo: Ferrari

Like all completed Ferrari one-offs, the SP-8 was spoken for before its design and build process even started as the factory still works hand-in-hand with the customer to help deliver their vision of the ultimate bespoke Ferrari creation — just like Enzo did in the olden days. The SP-8 is currently on display at the Mugello Circuit in Italy, where it will remain before eventually being displayed at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello beginning in November.