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Ferrari’s 499P Modificata One-Off Is a Hypercar Class Le Mans Racer

Ferrari 499P Modificata 0 Hero
Photos: Ferrari

Responsible for ending Toyota’s half-decade-long consecutive wining streak at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ferrari 499P is almost certainly the most capable and high-performance race car that the Prancing Horse has ever built. Built entirely by hand in extremely limited numbers, Scuderia Ferrari’s Le Mans-winning  Hypercar class racer has only ever been available to factory team drivers, however, for the first time the Modena marque is giving one very lucky customer the opportunity to experience the next best thing in the form of the Ferrari 499P Modificata. 

Ferrari 499P Modificata 1
Photo: Ferrari

Italian for “499P Modified,” the 499P Modificata is the inaugural offering from Ferrari’s all-new Sport Prototipi Clienti program, which gives the brand’s most discerning customers the opportunity to obtain the closest possible vehicle to a genuine Scuderia Ferrari factory-built race car. Modeled after the 499P, the 499P Modificata is based on the same carbon fiber monocoque chassis and push-rod double wishbone suspension setup as the 2023 Le Mans winner. Powering this one-of-one racer is a mid-rear mounted twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 cranking out 858hp. Bolted to a seven-speed sequential gearbox, the engine is also fitted with a 200-kW (268-hp) electric motor with its own differential, Energy Recovery System, and  800 volt battery pack. Generating a collective 1,126hp, the engine is also load-bearing and serves as a stressed-member in the track-only car’s chassis. 

Ferrari 499P Modificata 2
Photo: Ferrari

It doesn’t end there, however, as this single-seater race car also benefits from a host of other advanced features and proprietary elements born out of Ferrari’s WEC and F1 programs. This includes specially developed bespoke Pirelli tires, active four-wheel drive at all speeds, and a “Push To Pass” function that affords drivers with extra oomph when overtaking a competitor. It’s also worth pointing out that, unlike Ferrari’s actual Le Mans racers, the 499P Modificata doesn’t have to adhere to regulations and restrictions normally imposed by the FIA — resulting in an even more capable, no-holds-barred track-only race car. Pricing hasn’t been revealed for the car, though we imagine the vehicle’s new owner likely threw down somewhere in the seven-to-eight figure range.  

Ferrari 499P Modificata 3
Photo: Ferrari

Unveiled at the Mugello Circuit during the Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2023, the Ferrari 499P Modificata is already spoken for, however, this one-off track weapon marks just the first of what will presumably be a series of incredibly high-performance competition-derived projects from the Prancing Horse’s new Sport Prototipi Clienti program.