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Electrogenic Is Building Vintage Porsche 911 EV Conversion Kits

Electrogenic Porsche 911 Drop In EV Conversion Kits 0 Hero
Photos: Electrogenic

As fully-electric powertrains continue to permeate the automotive world, many enthusiasts are rightfully concerned that classic vintage cars may be left in the proverbial dust as looming and ever-more-stringent emissions regulations threaten the existence of a great many petrol-powered automotive icons. In response, we’ve seen a growing number of EV conversion specialists pop up all over the world, offering custom conversions or DIY kits that fully electrify retro rides. And one of the latest conversion kits to hit the market comes from Oxfordshire-based outfit Electrogenic with its all-new Porsche 911 Drop-In Kits.

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Photo: Electrogenic

The Kidlington EV customs shop is producing these EV kits for G-body and 964-gen 911 models. Offered in two versions – the E62 and the E62s — both kits feature a 62-kWh battery with 6.6kW charging speeds and a range of between 180 and 200 miles. Additionally, the E62 and E62s kits also include a motor, inverter, charger, cooling system, and rear battery box that have all been mounted directly to the 911 donor’s subframe towards the rear of the car — the same area its gas engine is typically located, allowing the EV conversion to retain much of its factory weight distribution and driving characteristics. Also featured in the kit are custom spilt drive shafts and several drive modes (including Sport, Town, and Eco, just to name a few). 

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Photo: Electrogenic

Where the two kits differ is in terms of raw performance. The E62 kit packs a 160-kW (214.5-hp) motor that delivers a whopping 2,160ft-lbs of instantly accessible torque — at the rear wheels! This ultimately allows an E62-kitted 911 EV conversion to clock 0-60mph runs in approximately 5 seconds. Like the S-spec 911s that inspired it, the E62s kit cranks things up a few more notches, with a 240-kW (321-hp) motor that puts down an otherworldly 2,876.5ft-lbs of instant torque, translating to a 3.8-second 0-60mph time. Best of all, both the interior and exterior of the donor 911 is left completely untouched, allowing each conversion to retain the character and spirit of the original. 

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Photo: Electrogenic

The Electrogenic Porsche 911 Drop-In EV Conversion Kits will be available in the coming months, and while official pricing has yet to be revealed, the kit is reportedly expected to start at around $120,000 — not including the cost of the donor car. The installation of these kits is also made incredibly easy, as Electrogenic has a network of approved shops that can carry out these conversions.