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Everrati Unveils an Electrified Version of the Mercedes-Benz W113 SL Pagoda

Photos: Everatti

Based in the town of Bicester in Southern England, Everrati is an elite automotive outfit that specializes in electric conversions of what are already prestigious classic cars. Despite only being founded in 2019 — and spending the lion’s share of its time operating amidst an unprecedented global pandemic — Everrati has quickly expanded its range of offerings to include five different models. And after debuting a Series IIA Land Rover and a GT40 done in collaboration with Superformance in 2021, Everrati has now revealed its next electrified classic with a battery-powered conversion of Mercedes-Benz’s iconic W113 SL “Pagoda.”

In typical Everrati fashion, each Pagoda build starts with a complete, ground-up, nut and bolt restoration to ensure an optimal donor. From there, the CAD-designed and optimized car is treated to a brand-new OEM-grade, three-phase AC motor and a 57kWh battery pack that utilizes an advanced battery management system, a state-of-the-art temperature control setup, and affords more than 160mmiles on a single charge. Good for 180hp and 405ft-lbs of torque, Everrati’s powertrain allows the electrified Pagoda to achieve a quicker 0-60mph time of seven seconds compared to the original car’s nearly 9-second time.

Aiming to maintain the original spirit and character of the W113 SL, Everrati has kept the restored interior almost entirely stock, using custom-designed instrumentation to display the EV powertrain’s vital info while maintaining the cockpit’s factory appearance. What’s more, even with the jettisoning of the gas engine and the addition of an EV powertrain, Everrati’s new Benz maintains the regular Pagoda’s weight distribution and tips the scales at a surprisingly similar figure — resulting in remarkably similar driving characteristics, albeit with a slight bump in power. Other highlights include a custom-designed single-speed gearbox and a regenerative braking system.

Everrati’s electric Mercedes-Benz W113 SL Pagoda conversions are available for preorder now, with pricing starting from £295,000 (~$368,775).

Purchase: $368,775+

Photo: Everrati
Photo: Everrati
Photo: Everrati