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Ferrari’s Latest One-Off Is a Roma Inspired by Japanese Design & Culture

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Since its inception in 1939, Ferrari has been producing some of the world’s most elite and sought-after high-performance vehicles. After decades of fielding bespoke requests from its most discerning customers, the Maranello marque introduced its Tailor Made Programme in 2011, giving buyers a near-endless array of personalization options straight from the factory. And the latest one-off work from the company’s Tailor Made Programme sees the Prancing Horse join forces with COOL HUNTING to deliver a one-of-one Ferrari Roma.

Born out of a joint effort between COOL HUNTING founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten and Ferrari’s Chief Design Officer Flavio Manzoni, this one-off Roma draws ample inspiration from materials and traditional artisan manufacturing techniques from Japan. The exterior of the Ferrari supercar has been cloaked in an Indigo Metal livery that was inspired by traditional Japanese indigo dyes. Antique copper teapots also served as the inspiration for the burnt-orange hue that adorns the one-off Roma’s gearshift gate, interior accents, and custom wheels.

The one-of-one Ferrari’s upholstery is also comprised of what’s called “Sakiori” — one of the world’s oldest examples of upcycling in which used kimonos were torn down and then repurposed. This bespoke upholstery began life as a pair of vintage kimonos originally made in Amami Oshima 45 and 75 years ago, respectively, though the material’s silk strands have been replaced with high-tensile nylon to ensure a higher degree of durability. This amalgamation of Italian and Japanese styles also boasts a bespoke crest — or “Kamon” — that was designed by Kyogen and features an ox-drawn carriage and a V8 piston setup from the Roma’s 611-hp turbocharged 3.9-liter engine.

Now complete, the COOL HUNTING x Ferrari Roma is currently on display for a limited time at the Ferrari Tailor Made Showroom in New York CIty for the duration of the NYC X Design 10 Anniversary Festival.

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Photo: Ferrari
Photo: Ferrari
Photo: Ferrari