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Continental Wants You to Charge Your EV Like You Do Your Phone

Wireless charging has reached new heights in the past couple of years. And while that pertains mainly to handheld gadgets like our smartphones, it was only a matter of time before similar tech made its way over to electric vehicles. Arriving to do just that — sort of — are tire brand Continental and tech startup Volterio, who are working side-by-side to deliver a state-of-the-art automatic power system that the pair have appropriately labeled the ‘charging robot.’

While Continental is already a prominent name, Volterio is an Austrian startup that prides itself on this innovative manner of powering up your EV. The system is composed of two distinct pieces, one vehicle underbody unit and another robot that lives on the garage floor. The two pieces line up one on top of the other, somewhat like charging a phone on a wireless charger, and are physically connected via a smart system. As a result of the robot’s self-correction, your car doesn’t even need to be parked perfectly over the unit to utilize it, as it can still operate when just under a whole foot away.

While the system’s convenience is a surefire takeaway, an equally advantageous element of this state-of-the-art technology is the fact that there is practically no energy lost when charging an EV with it. This is a benefit of the system’s physical connection, giving it a sense of sustainability that combats somewhat similar concepts that utilize magnetic wireless charging tech.

As of this still very new year, Continental seeks to have its initial near-production examples of this neat new tech completed by Volterio at some point in mid-2022. However, volume production will not come into play any earlier than 2024, leaving EV drivers waiting to make use of the charging robot. Nevertheless, we can expect it to be quite the game-changer whenever it hits the scene.

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