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Chrysler Shows Off a Fully-Electric AWD Concept Car With a 400-Mile Range

Photos: Chrysler | Stellantis

Though the vast majority of American automotive manufacturers are deeply rooted in tradition, the ongoing shift to an all-electric future is resulting in some unlikely entrants to the EV market, one of which is Chrysler, which has just unveiled an all-new fully-electric vehicle concept that aims to give a glimpse at the marque’s plans over the next half-decade or so.

Dubbed the “Airflow,” the concept car is propelled by a pair of 150kW (201hp) electric drive motors — one in front and the other in the rear — that send power to an electronic all-wheel-drive system. The dual-motor setup draws from an advanced battery pack that affords between 350 and 400 miles of autonomy on a single charge, plus is fast-charging compatible. While the concept car undeniably boasts a sleek outward design with crystal LED lighting throughout and 22” wheels all around, the Airflow still manages to capture Chrysler’s existing design language, albeit with an unmistakably futuristic twist. The interior of the vehicle is equally futuristic, with an AI system, infotainment center, and lounge-inspired seating.

While Chrysler so far has no intentions of seeing the Airflow enter production, the concept is nonetheless laying down the foundation for the company’s future, which involves pulling the cover off of its first battery-electric vehicle by 2025 before transitioning to an all-EV lineup by no later than 2028.

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Photo: Chrysler | Stellantis
Photo: Chrysler | Stellantis
Photo: Chrysler | Stellantis