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Canoo Debuts An All-Electric Quad-Cab Off-Roader With Its American Bulldog LTV

Canoo American Bulldog LTV 0 Hero
Photos: Canoo

New and emerging technologies almost always come at a very steep price, before the tech is eventually more widely adopted — at which point its price becomes markedly more accessible. And such is the case with the electric vehicle sector. In a bid to make EVs more accessible, Texan startup Canoo has designed a modular, utilitarian EV platform that’s being used as the basis for all of its forthcoming all-electric automotive offerings — the latest of which to break cover is the new Canoo American Bulldog LTV Quad Cab. 

Canoo American Bulldog LTV 1
Photo: Canoo

Similar to the Screaming Eagle that was produced for the U.S. Army — albeit with a quad-cab setup rather than the SE’s single-cab configuration — the American Bulldog offers solid performance in a utilitarian package. This quad-cab setup also features regular and suicide-opening doors, bolstering the vehicle’s futuristic appearance while also making it much easier to load large items into the rig. Engineered for both military applications and workhorse duties, the American Bulldog sports a slew of off-road upgrades such as a set of steel wheels shod in all-terrain tires, skid plates, custom bumpers fore and aft, brush guards, a roof rack, and a modular bed wall rack system. 

Canoo American Bulldog LTV 2
Photo: Canoo

Made in America, this go-anywhere EV features and all-electric powertrain that benefits from the use of steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire systems. The company has yet to reveal any information on the powertrain’s specs, though we imagine they’re somewhat in line with the Screaming Eagle’s 447-kW (600-hp) output. What’s more, Canoo has also treated this platform to a novel headlight arrangement comprised of a trio of rectangular LED projectors on either side. The interior of the EV boasts a sleek yet spartan setup, with ample storage space and a square steering wheel design. 

Canoo American Bulldog LTV 3
Photo: Canoo

Thus far, Canoo has yet to reveal whether its American Bulldog is earmarked for production, or if this example will simply be a one-off, used to demonstrate the potential of the brand’s modular EV platform.