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CAKE Joins Forces with Vattenfall to Develop a Fossil-Free Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles offer a markedly more environmentally-friendly option compared to traditional petrol-powered bikes, though even with this more sustainable fuel source, the development, manufacturing, and delivery of these two-wheeled EVs still utilize a decent amount of fossil fuels, making the entire lifecycle of these vehicles less sustainable and eco-conscious than you might think.

Well aware of this reality, Swedish electric moto marque CAKE — which has increasingly become one of our favorite electric motorcycle manufacturers — has joined forces with European energy firm Vattenfall to develop what the two companies are touting as “the first-ever completely fossil-free motorcycle.” As part of Vattenfall’s ongoing mission of enabling fossil-free living within a single generation, the company’s collab with CAKE will see both outfits harness their respective expertise in electrification to bring this ambitious project to fruition. On top of the development, manufacturing, and delivery of these electron and proton-powered machines, CAKE and Vattenfall are also looking to optimize supply chain protocols. Alongside CAKE and Vattenfall, the two EV specialists have also brought on the help of outside experts to further streamline the initiative.

With so many individual areas to overhaul and optimize, CAKE and Vattenfall expect this joint project to take several years to bring to market. As such, the two companies anticipate this as-yet-unnamed fossil-free motorcycle to enter production sometime in 2025.

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