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CAKE’s Beginner’s Bike Program for Kids Offers a Tiered Learning Curve

It’s a big step when you teach your kid how to ride a bike for the first time. While they may be proud of themselves once they finally find their balance, you as a parent will be even prouder. The memories will last a lifetime, as will the skill itself, but learning how to ride doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s why Swedish-based EV motorcycle brand CAKE has launched the Kids Evolution Program, a tiered line of bikes for young riders to grow into.

The line consists of the Ready, the Steady, and the Go — in that order — preparing youngsters for riding one step at a time, with each model sporting CAKE’s signature design detail. The Ready is the most basic bike at 6.6lbs. Perfect for ages 18 months to 4 years, the push-powered mini-bike is great for living rooms, trails, and playgrounds, and toddlers can go at their own pace. Once your kid has established his or her balance and graduated from the Ready, the Steady is the next step up. At 15.4lbs, this 16-inch single-speed is a pedaled mountain bike built for riders ages 3-and-a-half and up. It comes equipped with dual V brakes and short-reach levers.

At the top of the list is the Go, a beginner’s throttle bike. The fully electric off-road motorcycle has a guardian-controlled gauge that allows you to tailor its output from 600W to 1,500W. With a top speed of 25mph, riders can start with the Go by age 6 if parents feel they’re ready. Including the battery, this bike weighs just under 71lbs.

All three bikes are now available on CAKE’s online store, with the Ready priced at $225, the Steady at $400, and the Go at $3,500. Shipments begin May 25.

Purchase: $250+

Photo: CAKE
Photo: CAKE
Photo: CAKE