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Forget Supercars, Bouvet Is Here to Blow Your Mind with a 300-HP Jet Ski

Photo: Bouvet

From superyachts to supercars to private jumbo jets, it seems that every form of transportation has its own absurdly fast and luxurious variant. And now, we can add personal watercraft to the list thanks to Bouvet, a French company that is making an incredibly fast and sleek hyper jet ski called the Supermarine.

The Supermarine MM01 is stunning inside and out. It is an exercise in opulence and unrestrained performance capabilities, and we absolutely love it. Sporting an elegant and aerodynamic silhouette, the Supermarine looks like a futuristic watercraft from a swanky Sci-Fi novel. Setting its beauty aside, the Supermarine’s design and engineering are out-of-this-world sophisticated. For its construction, Bouvet employs nothing but top-shelf materials, including a Kevlar carbon monocoque frame, an interchangeable sponson blade made of a honeycomb carbon sandwich structure, and titanium handlebars and throttle and brake paddles.

Powering the jet ski is an all-electric motor that draws juice from high-performance liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries — tech that’s derived from Formula E. The system takes just 50 minutes to charge and cranks out 300hp and 332lb-ft of torque, allowing the Supermarine to reach a blistering top speed of 75mph. On top of its speed and battery capacity, the Supermarine sports a 110L front trunk for extra storage, a modular two-seat saddle with a removable cover, and a futuristic cockpit with an ultra-precise navigation system. Every aspect of the cockpit was designed to be ergonomic to the pilot, down to the programmable buttons.

Entirely hand-assembled in France, the Supermarine MM01 is available in two versions: a sleek “Black Edition” and an ultra-clean, all-white “Nacre” version, with the latter being limited to just 15 units. Bouvet has yet to reveal a release window or pricing information for the Supermarine, however, you can contact the company on its website for information.

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