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Airstream Unveils Its Latest Adventure-Ready Model, the Caravel Travel Trailer

Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer 0 Hero
Photo: Airstream

Airstream’s trailers are typically recognizable from a mile away, with their striking silver exterior and lengthy design. However, the manufacturer’s latest trailer may need a second look to confirm who made it, as it is noticeably smaller than most of its luxuriously large models. Regardless, the Caravel 16RB is rollable proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer 1
Photo: Airstream

Measuring a mere 16.5 feet from end to end, the remarkably sleek trailer is as compact as all but two models in Airstream’s lineup, making it perfect for getting on the road and embracing nature in a more streamlined fashion than usual. As expected, though, the roughly-3,500-pound Caravel retains the inimitable aluminum outer. Performance-wise, the new build sits atop a set of Goodyear Endurance tires, assuring it is well-equipped to operate at lower temperatures.

Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer 2
Photo: Airstream

Regarding amenities and comfortability, Airstream offers a quartet of roomy floor bans, providing the ability to sleep as many as four people and an appliance-filled kitchen to ensure each of them remains well-fed through any adventure. Moreover, this area includes everything from a stainless steel gas stove with cast iron burners to a black Moen faucet to keep things sleek, but, most importantly, make sure your hands stay clean. Additionally, Airstream writes that even though the Caravel lineup is ideal for towing with SUVs, the signature design language assists with its weight distribution and lower center of gravity no matter what your tow vehicle is.

Airstream Caravel Travel Trailer 3
Photo: Airstream

Lastly, just in case 16” simply isn’t enough for you and your fellow adventurers, the Caravel is also available in 19-,20-, and 22-foot models. Before any configurations, each model starts at $74,000.