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AEHRA Unveils the ‘SEDAN,’ Gorgeous Italian EV with 497-mile Range

Aehra Sedan 0 Hero
Photos: AEHRA

Italy has a long history of incubating luxury car manufacturers that create iconic vehicles known around the world. And when the Milan-based marque AEHRA began in 2022, the label promised to focus on crafting luxury electric vehicles with this history in mind. AEHRA’s mission is to fuse classic Italian automobile design with the growing electric vehicle industry (AEHRA being the first electric car start-up in the country) with luxurious and driver-focused cars. This mission was backed by having previous designers and engineers from Lamborghini and Ferrari join the team, namely Filippo Perini as the head designer and Franco Cimatti as the chief engineering officer. After teasing concepts for an electric luxury sedan and SUV, AEHRA garnered quite the buzz and had more than just gearheads interested in learning more. Although the original 2025 release has been pushed to 2026, we can still get excited about AEHRA’s official reveal of its luxury EV, The Sedan.

Aehra Sedan 1
Photo: AEHRA

The Sedan has an aerodynamic body with double-falcon doors, a driving range of up to 800km (~497 miles), and a top speed of 265 kmph (~165 mph). Although the car is based on the same platform as the AEHRA SUV, it has a distinctly sporty body and sits lower than the SUV while reducing drag and incorporating thermal management technology.

Aehra Sedan 2
Photo: AEHRA

Inside the large cabin, we have a yoke-style steering wheel and an infotainment system. This system’s display spans the length of the dash and can extend out even further, providing the driver with more information and passengers with more entertainment options.

Aehra Sedan 3
Photo: AEHRA

According to Reuters, AEHRA has stated that The Sedan will be somewhere in the $175,000 – $197,000 range. The AEHRA Sedan, along with the AEHRA SUV, has been delayed from the original 2025 release and will start delivering in 2026, with more information available on AEHRA’s website.