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27North’s Ford F550 Ascender is an Ultra Rugged Luxury Camper

27North 30A Ascender 0 Hero
Photos: 27North

27North, a Missouri-based camper conversion company, made quite a splash in the RV and automotive world when the label dropped a million-dollar (1.2 to be exact) camper build last year, and it left a lot of fans curious about the company’s next moves. Well, the wait is over, and 27North is back with an updated 30A Ascender built on a 2023 Ford F-550.

27North 30A Ascender 1
Photo: 27North

This angular camper is built on the 2023 Ford F-550 4×4 203” WB, and 27North is taking advantage of the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 diesel engine (making 330 HP and 825 lb-ft torque) and towing power that the truck provides to complement this build. Power-wise, it comes with a 1200-watt solar charging system on the roof, which can give some juice to the appliances, a 24,000 Ah battery, and a 7000-watt power inverter. To really drive the luxurious feel home, there’s an iPad-powered control system, and a remote-activated security system if anything goes wrong.

27North 30A Ascender 2
Photo: 27North

There’s space for up to four people on the inside, and you get air conditioning, heating, room for a king-size bed towards the front of the truck camper on an overhang, and a dinette on the opposite side that converts into a double bed. There’s also a kitchen/dining area equipped with walnut cabinets, quartz countertops, and a fridge, along with a sink, a microwave, and a two-burner induction cooktop for any cooking needs. On either side of the bathroom (which comes with a toilet and wet bath/shower connected to 150 gallons of fresh water and 75 gallons of grey water storage), you’ll find Samsung 4K Smart TVs to take care of the entertainment. 

27North 30A Ascender 3
Photo: 27North

At the time of writing, there’s no official price for the latest 27North 30A Ascender, but you can sign up for more info on 27North’s site and contact them to learn more.