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STILRIDE Finally Reveals Its Folded Origami-Framed E-Scooter

2024 STILRIDE 1 0 Hero

Since first pulling the cover off of its Sport Utility Scooter (or “SUS1”) prototype last year, Stockholm-based startup STILRIDE has been on a tear. On top of securing more than $4,000,000 in additional funding and partnering with fellow Swedish EV marque Polestar to help it produce its first completely climate-neutral electric car, STILRIDE has also taken its origami-inspired protobike and readied it for production, revealing the final model along with a full spec sheet, pricing, availability, and estimated delivery dates. 

2024 STILRIDE 1 1

Known as the STILRIDE 1, the firm’s inaugural model is pieced together around an ultra-unique curved and folded stainless steel frame and body. While steel construction manufacturing has traditionally been less-than-environmentally-friendly, STILRIDE has managed to construct its bikes using a sustainable process that sees single sheets of steel folded into shape rather than being welded. The use of fewer parts will also make the scooter easier to recycle once it’s wrecked or reaches the end of its lifespan. This frame has also been paired with a suspension-equipped adjustable solo saddle, a USD fork out front, and a mono-shock rear suspension.

2024 STILRIDE 1 2

Weighing in at 286lbs at the curb, the STILRIDE 1 is powered by an air-cooled 8-kW (10.75-hp) PMSM hub motor with an integrated controller that puts down up to 207ft-lbs of torque and allows for a top speed of just over 60mph. A small but potent 5.1-kWh battery also delivers 75 miles of range and requires four hours for a complete recharge. Other noteworthy details include over-sized vintage-inspired fenders fore and aft, a 50.8” wheelbase, a handlebar with integrated controls and internally-routed wires, a digital display, connectivity to the STILCONTROL mobile app, and Contenital two-channel-backed ISR four-pot disc brake up front and a dual-piston ISR unit in back. 

2024 STILRIDE 1 3

Priced at $16,500, the 2024 STILRIDE 1 is scheduled to begin deliveries in the Spring of 2024. Interested parties can sign up to receive updates on the e-scooter on the company’s site.