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The 2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe Is Better Suited for Off-Roading

2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe 0 Hero
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Although the class has emerged as incredibly popular among consumers over the past decade and a half, the crossover coupe — or coupe SUV — has its fair share of detractors, typically stemming from the vehicles’ inferior off-road capability compared to their non-coupe counterparts, as well as the steeper price tags. Mercedes might have something to say about that (the off-road part, at least) with their new Mercedes-Benz 2024 GLC Coupe.

2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe 1
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Less than a year after unveiling the second-generation GLC SUV, the German brand has pulled the cover off the new Coupe version of the vehicle for the 2024 model year. With redesigned headlights and facia, along with a slimmer profile, the more aerodynamic model is also 1.2” longer and 0.2″ taller than its progenitor, and has 3.1cu.in of cargo space when the seats are folded, making this better suited for travelers and families.

2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe 2
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Compared to many of its competitors, the new GLC Coupe is more prepared for heading off the pavement with its new off-road driving mode, which includes downhill speed regulation and a transparent hood so you can see obstacles on the ground in front of you. The central display will show info such as incline, grade, topographical altitude, geo-coordinates, and steering angle of the front wheels. The GLC Coupe is also outfitted with a new four-link front axle system and a multi-link independent rear suspension to improve handling both on and off-road.

2024 Mercedes GLC Coupe 3
Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes hasn’t given away any pricing for the North American GLC Coupe models yet, but we do know it will be powered by a 2.0-litre, 255 horsepower, 295 lb-ft torque, turbocharged inline 4-cylinder with a 48V mild hybrid powertrain for extra boost and power efficiency. Head over to the marque’s website to learn more.