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Ferrari’s Roma Spider is Packed with 612 HP and Fabric Drop-Top

2024 Ferrari Roma Spider 0 Hero
Photos: Ferrari

Though soft-top front-engined convertibles once accounted for a decent chunk of Ferrari’s overall vehicle production, the Italian firm hasn’t produced one of these models for more than half-a-century — with the Maranello marque’s last car of this configuration being the 365 GTS/4 Daytona. This reality, however, is now changing as the Prancing Horse has just unleashed its first front-engined soft-top droptop offering since 1969 with the new 2024 Ferrari Roma Spider.

2024 Ferrari Roma Spider 2
Photo: Ferrari

Replacing the Portofino M as Ferrari’s entry-level droptop, the Roma Spider features an automatic-folding roof that’s crafted from a bespoke five-layer fabric and can be deployed in just 13.5 seconds and done at speeds of up to 37mph. Despite the addition of an elaborate automatic multi-layer soft-top roof and speedster-style rear deck humps, the Spider’s trunk still offers a generous 255 liters of storage space — only 17 liters less than the coupe’s boot. With a dry weight of just 3,430lbs, the Spider-spec Roma tips the scales at just 185lbs heavier than the Coupe variant. The interior of the new Roma variant also goes almost entirely unchanged save for slightly revised steering wheel touch controls and a now-illuminated start button.

2024 Ferrari Roma Spider 3
Photo: Ferrari

Powering the convertible is the same front-mounted mill used in the Roma Coupe; a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 that puts down 612hp and 561ft-lbs of torque, allowing for a 3.4-second 0-60mph time and the ability to match maintain the Roma Coupe’s 199-mph top speed. Mated to the V8 is the same dual-clutch eight-speed gearbox that was first introduced on the SF90 Stradale, though with longer ratios and an actual reverse gear in lieu of the SF90’s electric motor-driven reverse function. The Spider’s ability to match the coupe’s performance capabilities is also owed to its patented wind deflector setup that’s been integrated into the rear seat backrest, along with speedster-style rear deck humps. The fact that Ferrari has managed to deliver a convertible version of the Roma while fully maintaining its performance capabilities and comfort is a truly impressive feat — and one that undoubtedly won’t come cheap.

2024 Ferrari Roma Spider 4
Photo: Ferrari

The 2024 Ferrari Roma Spider is expected to roll into dealerships before the end of the year, and while pricing has yet to be revealed, we anticipate a starting MSRP of around $275,000 — based on the roughly $250,000 base price of the Roma Coupe.