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Volkswagen Brings the Sporty GTI to the All-Electric ID Range for the First Time

2023 Volkswagen ID GTI Concept 0 Hero
Photo: Volkswagen

Volkswagen launched its ID electric range in 2020, which would end up dominating its repertoire of new cars ever since. However, these are far from the German marque‘s first battery-powered vehicles, with releases dating as far back as 1972. Now, however, things are firing on all cylinders (figuratively, of course) as VW plans to release ten new ID models by 2026. In March, it unveiled the ID.2all, an all-electric hatchback set to precede a 2025 production model. And now, we get to see a sportier GTI version of the car, dubbed the ID. GTI, also based on the shortened MEB modular electric platform.

2023 Volkswagen ID GTI Concept 1
Photo: Volkswagen

This is the first-ever electric GTI presented by Volkswagen since its debut in 1975. Previously, GTI has stood for “grand touring injection,” but now the brand has changed the “I” to “intelligence” with this new nameplate. Priced around $27,000, the ID.2all will serve as a fantastic compact and affordable commuting option, making it a splendid choice to introduce the GTI to the ID lineup, which will surely just be the first of many. Like the current non-electric GTIs, this ID sports a front-axle differential lock and is also the first in the battery-powered series to feature the traction-control system. 

2023 Volkswagen ID GTI Concept 2
Photo: Volkswagen

Other intelligent features include the Vehicle Dynamics Manager, which better integrates the powertrain into the control system compared to the non-electric GTIs thanks to the “almost infinite” variations of the electric drive motor setup and its systems. Parlayed with the new GTI Experience Control, you can now tailor the powertrain’s characteristics based on your personal preference. Elements such as the drive system, running gear, steering, sound, and simulated shift points can be set to your liking or that of several historic GTI models. Think of this new model less as a GTI coming to the electric ID lineup and more of the electric features coming to a classic GTI.

2023 Volkswagen ID GTI Concept 3
Photo: Volkswagen

Since the ID. GTI is just a concept for now and production won’t start until 2026, there’s no price mentioned as of yet, but expect it to be more than the ID.2all. Head over to Volkswagen’s website to learn more.