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Mercedes-AMG Unveils Its Track Day-Only GT2 Pro with a $500,000 Price Tag

Mercedes AMG GT2 PRO 0 Hero
Photo: Mercedes-AMG

It may seem strange to most of us when we hear about people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars — or more — on a car that’s incredibly powerful and goes incredibly fast. Especially if the legal limitations of the highway prevent us from taking these vehicles to their physical limits. This is essentially the very reason why race tracks exist. Sanctioned spaces for driving well over 100mph, these venues still have rules of their own. And with Mercedes-AMG’s latest GT2 Pro race car, even those rules have been pushed to the limit.

Mercedes AMG GT2 PRO 1
Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Based on 2022’s Mercedes-AMG GT2, billed as the most powerful homologated race car in history, the GT2 Pro is a track-only car meant for customers who actually want to take this thing for a spin around the track. However, it can only be driven on track days and must be downgraded to the level of the “standard” GT2 in order to race it. Although, owners of the GT2 Pro get priority for AMG Racing Series entry.

Mercedes AMG GT2 PRO 2
Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Using the same AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine as its predecessor, the GT2 Pro levels up the performance thanks to the new Push2Pass boost function, activated when pressing a button on the steering wheel, which temporarily increases your power to “unleash” the full potential of the powertrain. This will get you up to 750hp (bumped up from 707hp) thanks to a transfer of power by a sequential six-speed gearbox with modified gear ratios. According to Mercedes-AMG, however, the handling is still outstanding and the vehicle still meets the high safety standards of the brand’s sports models. As far as the look of the car, the GT2 Pro gets an exclusive matte gray paint finish on the outside with seafoam green accents and decorative stripes and logos. Matching the exterior are the 18-inch AMG light alloy wheels and the newly-designed rear wing endplates. The interior has been optimized for ergonomics and intuitive operation, including a steering wheel that was originally designed for use in esports.

Mercedes AMG GT2 PRO 3
Photo: Mercedes-AMG

If you’d like to own the GT2 Pro yourself, you’ll have to front the €479,000 (~$514,000) on the price tag. Head over to Mercedes-AMG’s website to learn more.