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Jeep Charges Its Lineup with Its First-Ever Fully-Electric SUV

Photo: Stellantis

Well, folks, the time has finally come. Jeep has unveiled its first-ever fully electric SUV, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. While it was only a matter of time before the off-road titan debuted its flagship electric SUV, it marks a serious milestone for the electrification paradigm shift of the automotive industry. Nowadays, you can’t go on the internet or watch a tv show without seeing a new EV come out, and Jeep’s latest announcement further solidifies the movement is here to stay.

Stellantis’ Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Tavares, revealed the images of the new Jeep today at the conglomerate’s Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan presentation. Information on this new Jeep battery-electric SUV is sparse. Like, really sparse. It’s so sparse that Stellantis hasn’t even named the car yet, but the fact that a fully electric Jeep is coming out in the first place is more than enough to get our engines revving. This Jeep BEV is the first major step in the automaker’s vision of Zero Emission Freedom.

From a design perspective, the door Jeep BEV faithfully adapts Jeep’s design language. It’s more compact and looks to be a tad shorter than its combustion engine counterparts, but its curvature and overall style are comparable to modern Jeep SUVs. Given the performance capabilities have yet to be released, we can only speculate how the Jeep BEV will perform, but given the horsepower and jaw-dropping torque of its competitors, it’s safe to assume the SUV will be able to handle its own on and off the streets.

The only other morsel of information Stellantis provided in its statement was an early 2023 release window, so we can assume detailed performance specs, charging information, range, and interior information are well on the way. Until then, you can expect us to be counting down the days to tackle the trails in this bad boy.

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Photo: Stellantis