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Colibri’s M22 Is a 60-MPH Folding Electric Motorcycle With a 120-Mile Range

2023 Colibri M22 Folding eBike 0 Hero
Photos: Colibri

Though folding bicycles have existed for well over a century, it wasn’t until more recent years that folding bike designs have really taken off, being widely adopted by an ever-growing number of manufacturers. And while folding frame setups have been heavily utilized in the regular and electric bicycle segments, the concept has yet to permeate the lightweight motorcycle market. Until now, that is, as European outfit Colibri has just introduced the world to the first folding moto model with the M22. 

2023 Colibri M22 Folding eBike 1
Photo: Colibri

Street-legal in both the U.S. and Europe, the M22 is constructed around a chromoly steel cradle frame that’s been mated to a 45mm inverted fork and a rear mono-shock — items that are both adjustable and afford 3.93” and 3.15”, respectively. Hinged setups are found at the swing-arm pivot and at where the subframe meets the chassis, allowing the entire tail, swing-arm (and rear wheel) to fold up, resulting in an ultra-compact 35.4” x 51.1” form. This allows it to easily fit on escalators, inside elevators, or onto metro trains — though it’s worth pointing out that folding up the M22 does require removing its battery, which must then be carried separately. 

2023 Colibri M22 Folding eBike 2
Photo: Colibri

Powering this lightweight electric motorcycle is a rear hub motor with 3kW (4hp) of continuous power, up to 16kw (21hp) of power in bursts, and a peak output of 137ft-lbs of torque — a massive figure that’s 40% more than Ducati’s latest flagship superbike. Touted by Colibri as a “folding urban e-motorcycle,” the bike is also equipped with a trio of riding modes in the form of Eco, Dynamic, and Off-Road — which offer tops speeds of 20mph, 28mph, and 60mph, respectively. The hub motor draws from a sealed aluminum-cased battery — three of which can fit onboard the bike. Each battery offers 40 miles of range, with up to three batteries allowing for a range of up to 120 miles. Tipping the scales at just 121lbs (with a single battery), the M22 also comes loaded with a stacked square LED headlight arrangement, spoked wheels with aluminum hubs, a set of MX-style fork guards, and a hooped subframe capped off with a ribbed scrambler-style leather saddle.

2023 Colibri M22 Folding eBike 3
Photo: Colibri

Being launched through a crowdfunding campaign on the company’s website, the Colibri M22 is available for preorder now, with pricing starting at just $2,799.