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MANSORY Forges a 900-HP Carbon Widebody Bentley Bentayga Speed W12


Last year, after receiving a major model overhaul from the manufacturer, noted exotics tuner MANSORY bestowed the Bentley Bentayga with its signature blend of custom bodywork and upgraded componentry. And while the Fichtel Mountains firm previously only offered its services for the V8 versions of the luxury SUV, MANSORY has now turned its attention back to the Bentayga, this time modifying the already ultra-elite W12 variant.

The highly-tuned Bentley has been treated to a custom carbon fiber widebody-style kit that includes an ultralight carbon hood with four additional air outlets that was developed specifically for the donor’s powerplant. Underneath its custom hood is a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine that’s received a modified ECU, a new turbocharger setup, a carbon engine cover, and a sports exhaust system that bumps the stocker’s output of 626hp and 664ft-lbs of torque up to 900hp and 922ft-lbs — now allowing for sub-3.5-second 0-60mph runs and a top speed exceeding 200mph.

Tailgate and roof-mounted spoilers further increase the MANSORY-modified SUV’s aero prowess, as do the custom side skirts, integrated front lip, and revised grille setup. The Bentley also now rides on a set of 23” Type Y.5 gloss black cast wheels, though MANSORY is also offering customers the option to upgrade to forged 24” items. To complete the transformation, MANSORY has equipped the model’s interior with custom leather upholstery with 3D leather embossing and a custom carbon fiber trim package.

MANSORY has yet to reveal how many units of the Bentayga Speed W12 will be produced, nor has the company announced pricing, though considering the roughly quarter-million-dollar MSRP of the stock Bentayag Speed W12 donor, we anticipate MANSORY’s new kit to be priced well above that mark.

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