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‘The Tuner’ by Module 8 Is a Retro Variable Cinematic Lens

Moment Module 8 Tuner Variable Lens 01 Hero 1
Photo: Moment

Although average creators typically don’t have access to expensive equipment, the advent of high-resolution digital cameras has provided more affordable options. But with clean images being easily captured, some personality gets lost without the blemishes. Founders Iain Neil and Mike Thomas of Module 8, a spin-off of Moment, have taken notice. And in order to inject some vintage style into the uniformity digital cameras are prone to, the team is releasing The Tuner in three versions with the L1, L2, and L3 – a trio of variable lenses at a reasonable price.

The Tuner is a portable adapter supporting EF to E and EF to RF electronics. Inspired by the Super Baltar (seen in the L1 version) and K-35 (L2) lenses, the brand’s “Vari-Tune” technology allows creators to accurately control purposeful lens blemishes. Chromatic aberration can even be added to create a bloom effect and softer edges. The L3, for instance, uses this to capture the feeling of old-school anamorphic lenses known for perfect imperfections. All three versions provide a sharp resolution target swimming in a warm glow – synonymous with the vintage equipment that influenced the design.

The lens’ compact and lightweight form allows it to travel comfortably in the pocket as an alternative to cumbersome prime lenses. Along with its ability to fit on any mirrorless camera, creators have mobile movie magic – and three inspired designs to choose from. What used to be an involved process of editing in post-production or using a traditional vintage lens is now made easy. This is an exciting step forward that also marks the addition of new technology to Module 8’s arsenal.

The Tuner L1, L2, and L3 are available now for backing and pre-order through Module 8’s Kickstarter, starting at $1,099, and will retail for $2,000 when it’s publicly released after the campaign.