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Hands-On: lululemon Down For It All Hoodie

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Hoodies are one of the most ubiquitous pieces of outerwear — to the point that some might consider them commonplace and perhaps a bit lackluster. And while many are fairly standard, cotton garments that will keep you moderately comfy on somewhat chilly days, they can be much more than that when well-considered, -designed, and -constructed.

Of course, it’s also true that some craftspeople are guilty of overbuilding their hoodies, to the point that they’re imbued with features that nobody, save perhaps Bear Grylls, actually needs in their lives. The point is: with this kind of garment it’s difficult to find the perfect sweet spot between understated functionality and classic style. The folks at lululemon, however, might be on to something with their Down For It All Hoodie. As such, we took it to task for the following in-depth, hands-on review.

What's In A Name?

The Purpose of 'Down For It All'

There was a time when people searching for a jacket were forced to choose between two things: warmth or a range of motion. This was an especially difficult conundrum for those that liked outdoor exercise in the colder months of the year. However, over time, the gap between the two options has slimmed significantly. Perhaps no garment illustrates this better than the lululemon Down For It All Hoodie.

You see, this jacket was designed to offer both winter-ready warmth and weather protection in a package that won’t weigh you down or compromise your range of motion. It’s light enough for runners but durable and warm enough to don in a flurry. And, if you look closely, that’s evident in its design — marked by baffled insulation, articulated joints, and a relatively sleek silhouette. It’s also evident in its shocking overall weight (or lack thereof), which is probably better compared to a cloud than a coat and bodes well for those that don’t want to be weighed down. Furthermore, and no less importantly, the overall subtlety of its styling works well both in and out of athletic endeavors. That is to say: the jacket looks as good as a part of a running kit as it does with a pair of jeans and boots. Down For It All, so it seems, is as much a cheeky name as it is a comment on the hoodie’s versatility.

Designed For Activity

Material Makeup

If we were forced to choose between style and substance, as much as it would irk us, we’d admit that functionality is the most important part of any piece of gear — apparel or otherwise. Thankfully, this hoodie has both in spades. And while the styling is obvious, its materials necessitate sharing, for they’re what help it stand out. That includes an external shell made from water-repellent Glyde fabric (made from nylon and elastane), various liners made from recycled nylon and polyester, and a filling that’s made up of 85% genuine grey goose down and 15% grey goose feathers (which is Responsible Down Standard Certified).

Yet, while knowing the materials is helpful, it helps tremendously to know what it all translates to performance-wise. In this case, the result is a piece of outerwear that’s lightweight, water-repellent, windproof, warm, stretchy, breathable, and so much more. In fact, it will even continue to keep the wearer warm when it’s wet — a function of the PrimaLoft insulation in locations most prone to rain and snow.

A Purpose-Driven Garment

Features Aplenty

For a goose down hoodie, this jacket looks exceptionally minimalist. It isn’t boastful, trading in bombastic outward cues for minimalist design notes and, most exceptionally, a slew of features that are hidden from gawkers and gazers. Interestingly, it’s the features that are the most hidden from sight that most help set this jacket apart — a testament to the designers that worked on it. Most obviously, the coat’s complement of pockets (including two hand pockets at the front and a small phone pocket at the bottom right back) all zip entirely and, when zipped, look almost as if they’re not there at all. This is especially handy in the case of the phone pocket, which necessitates a touch of security.

But it doesn’t stop there. The hidden details also play into its functionality. This is evident in a series of hidden stretchy fabric panels that allow for a greater range of motion than similarly-styled and -featured jackets. It even has exceedingly subtle reflective accents that you might not even realize are there — right up until light reflects brightly off of them. We’re especially fond of this latter design element, as it increases this jacket’s safety in low-light situations without compromising its clean styling. It’s almost a shame that we’re pointing these details out, as discovering them was one of the many pleasures of becoming more intimate with the lululemon Down For It All Hoodie.

Up To The Task

Our Verdict

After actually getting to try out this garment across a variety of activities, it’s abundantly clear that the name — Down For It All — is not just a tongue-in-cheek moniker, but rather an accurate descriptor of its versatility, comfort, quality, etc. In fact, when the mercury dips, there are few other individual jackets that can truly compare. Whether you’re headed out for a jog in a drizzle, kicking back around an autumn campfire, or just headed to and from the office on a gray December day, this warm, water-repellent, stylishly minimalist piece of outerwear will serve you beautifully. From its goose down warmth to its durable exterior fabrics and cleverly-hidden stretch panels, we’re left wondering if there’s actually a time this jacket wouldn’t be at least somewhat appropriate. Even when considering its moderately high $198 price point, we’re convinced the lululemon Down For It All Hoodie will pay for itself with interest, especially for those with an active streak.

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