Lincoln Teases a Forthcoming All-Electric Lineup with the Star Concept SUV

Photos: Lincoln Motor Company

With the company dating back more than a century, the Lincoln Motor Company is a manufacturer that’s deeply rooted in tradition. And while its reputation has served it well during the combustion engine era, it’s made it extremely difficult for Lincoln to shift its public image. Well aware of this reality, the Michigan-based marque is now making strides to rebrand itself as a more modern firm, revealing a cutting-edge fully-electric concept car that offers a glimpse into the luxury brand’s forthcoming all-EV lineup.

Dubbed the Lincoln Star Concept, this automotive design exercise puts an ultra-sleek spin on the brand’s typical aesthetics, with a smoothed-over grille, a full-length LED strip headlight, a backlit four-point star emblem, and 3D-printed metal latticework adorning the concept’s A-pillars and the D-pillar. The vehicle is built atop Lincoln’s Quiet Flight DNA flexible EV architecture, though exact motor and battery specs have yet to be revealed.

The interior of the concept car is even more impressive, with a cabin that takes inspiration from boutique hotels. The interior also boasts an aircraft ailerons-inspired wing-shaped floating instrument panel, one-pedal driving, the Lincoln Attaché digital briefcase concept, and a special audio, scenting, and lighting moodscape system with a trio of different modes/moods. In addition to a massive slide-out frunk, the Star also features a set of rear suicide-style doors that completely reveal the cabin when the front doors are ajar. What’s more, a rear cargo space opens to reveal a lounge area with multiple seats.

While it’s unclear if the Star Concept is earmarked for eventual production, it nonetheless sets the stage for a trio of new fully-electric Lincoln models that are slated to hit the market by 2025, offering a glimpse at the marque’s impressive future design language and amenities.

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Photo: Lincoln Motor Company
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company