The Self-Powered Lightship Travel Trailer Was Designed Specifically For EVs

Lightship L1 Travel Trailer 0 Hero
Photos: Lightship

Over the last half decade alone, the electric vehicle market has absolutely exploded, going from less than a dozen available production options only a few years ago to practically every major marque currently offering one of more fully electric models — not to mention the influx of dedicated EV startups. As a result, we’ve seen a growing number of third party products and accessories that are engineered specifically to be used with an electric vehicle. One such offering is the Lightship L1 Travel Trailer, a cutting-edge luxury mobile home designed to be towed by EV pickups and other electric vehicles. 

Lightship L1 Travel Trailer 1
Photo: Lightship

Developed by a team that includes ex-Tesla and Rivian staffers, the L1 is constructed around a purpose-built EV backbone with an integrated battery pack and drivetrain that helps to independently power the trailer’s wheels, allowing the electric tow vehicle to haul the trailer while losing little to no range.This is also partially owed to the trailer’s lightweight automotive-grade composite body and it’s super aerodynamic shape. Developed using a virtual wind tunnel, the L1 features a clever pop-up design with a “Road Mode” that sees the upper half of the trailer sink into its lower half, resulting in a driving height of 6’ 9” — and an ultra-slippery drag coefficient that’s said to be three-times as aerodynamic as a traditional travel trailer. Measuring 27’ in total, the L1 spans 8’ 6” in width, as well.

Lightship L1 Travel Trailer 2
Photo: Lightship

Equipped with a 40kWh battery that can be upgraded to an 80kWh option — providing enough juice to run all of the trailer’s systems and appliances for up to a week before needing to return to civilization — the L1’s onboard cell can also be used to charge an electric vehicle while off-grid. Affording 300 miles of all-electric range, the L1’s battery can also be recharged via the trailer’s solar panel-equipped roof and deployable solar wings. Offering 7’ 6” of interior height, the inside of the trailer is also trimmed in an automotive-grade textile that’s crafted from 70% recycled polyester. Taking inspiration from modern smartphone systems, the entire trailer and its systems and appliances can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone thanks to a dedicated app. Other highlights on the Lightship L1 travel trailer include openable glass panel windows, a full interior kitchen complete with a cooktop, oven, and full-size sink and dishwasher plus a slide-out camp kitchen with a collapsible sink and an induction cooktop, stain-resistant countertops made from up-cycled ocean waste, accommodations for sleeping up to half a dozen people, and a spa-inspired bathroom complete with a toilet, porcelain floors, and a full-sized shower with a ceiling-mounted rain-style head.

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Photo: Lightship

Starting at $125,000, the Lightship L1 Travel Trailer is available for preorder now, requiring a fully-refundable deposit of just $500.