Lems’ Outlander Is a Waterproof Hiking Boot for All Seasons

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Photo: Lems Shoes | Huckberry

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Despite what you may think, waterproof boots aren’t just beneficial for the rainy season. In the wintertime when fresh powder is on the ground, you’ll want to protect the inside of your boots from the melting snow stuck to your uppers when you head inside. Likewise, summertime hiking may require you to traverse through streams that are a few inches deep. 

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Photo: Lems Shoes | Huckberry

Available in two attractive colorways — Blue Steel and Evergreen — the Outlander Waterproof Boot from Lems features all the signature features of the brand’s other models, such as the wide toe box and zero-drop heel for a more natural gait. However, these hiking boots have been tailor-made for wetter conditions, so that you have a go-to trail shoe for any time of year.

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Photo: Lems Shoes | Huckberry

Built with a nylon and leather upper lined with polyester and a waterproof-breathable membrane, the boot also protects your anatomy from slippage underfoot that may cause injury. The sticky outsoles keep you confident in your stride no matter where you take them or what the ground looks like. While not affecting its versatility in the slightest, these generous lugs provide excellent traction in a multitude of conditions, be it mud or snow, and are siped for added support on slush and ice.

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Photo: Lems Shoes | Huckberry

You can grab a pair or two of the Lems Outlander Waterproof Boot from Huckberry’s online store for $190.